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Buddhism for beginners and advanced practitioners alike!
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BLDC's Home In Webster Groves!

Please visit us in our home in the landmark Desoto Building of Webster Groves, located at the junction of Big Bend Blvd and E Lockwood just west of the Old Orchard Business District. Our address is 607 E. Lockwood, Suite 106, 63119. Many of you will recognize the building as the location of Cyrano's Restaurant!

Ven. Sha'ul said, "We are delighted be part of the beautiful Desoto Building, which has its own parking lot and is surrounded by plenty of free street parking!  It also has a handicapped ramp and elevator for those in need of these amenities.  And a first-class restaurant renowned city-wide for its fine food, coffee and desserts!"
Lama Jigme Jinpa AKA Dr. Asa Hersh
Healing Through the Five Elements
May 20-22
Please join the Blue Lotus Dharma Center in welcoming Dr. Asa Hersh for three days of teachings on healing!  Dr. Hersh has been involved in healing arts for nearly forty years, and is a fully ordained Ngakpa and recognized Lama in the Tibetan tradition, having completed 3-year retreat under the auspices of the great Kalu Rinpoche .

Friday Evening: Public Dharma Talk
Cost: donation
Start time: 7pm
*Please arrive between 6-630pm with a katag (offering scarf) in order to greet Lama Jinpa*

Saturday and Sunday: Healing Through The Five Elements
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Cost: $50 for the entire weekend
In order to register for the Saturday and Sunday module, please send an email with your name to
If you would like to pay in advance please see a member of the board at one of our services or classes.  Payment at the door is also perfectly acceptable.
There will also be an opportunity to give dana (offering) personally
Please note that we will NOT hold our regular Sunday service on May 22nd
Please feel free to direct questions to or ask a member of our board.

The Center offers a free on-going introduction to Buddhism class called Buddhist Doctrines on Sundays from 12:15 - 1:30 pm following a refreshment break after regular Sunday services (held 10 – 11:30 am). This class introduces newcomers in Buddhism to its major ideas and practices using very simple, direct language in a non-academic, discussion format.  Sha’ul said, “I always encourage lively interaction between students and teachers. It is the best way to learn.  And the most fun.”  Class topics include The Four Noble Truths, Karma, The Noble Eightfold Path, Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels, The Three Dharma Seals, Interdependent co-origination, Emptiness and Nirvana.

There is no fee for the Sunday class series although a dana (donation) of $25-$50 is strongly encouraged in order to help support programming at the Center. Weekly topics, class updates, text purchase and fees (if recommended or required) will be posted on the website’s Schedules Page under the Classes heading.

For those interested in Bodhisattva studies, the Center offers The Seven Point Mind-Training, Class is not currently in session, check schedule and news for updates. Sha’ul said, “The Bodhisattva ideal is the primary path to develop compassion and loving-kindness and is a crucial fundamental practice in Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism." Classes focus on topics related to the Bodhisattva such as the Root and Secondary Vows, Six Paramitas, Seven Points of Mind Training (lojong) with corresponding slogans, and meditative practices like Tonglen. 

Sha'ul said, "Please be aware that this class does require a big commitment – it will meet weekly for nine months. It is very important to attend the classes as regularly as possible as each lesson is built upon the previous. Some make-up classes can be arranged but attendance is very important. Prerequisites and fee: Must have taken Refuge Vows and completed Intro to Buddhism class. Information for ordering the required text will be given to all those that sign up for the class. 

Check the Schedules Page, start dates, updates (when in progress) and details regarding text purchase and tuition.

The Blue Lotus Dharma Center is the result of the Center for American Buddhist Practice and Sha'ul's efforts to build a Sangha and Center in St. Louis for the past ten years.  "The start of formal Dharma classes was a major milestone," said Sha'ul.  BLDC is a Missouri registered non-profit organization and is always in need of tax-deductible donations. However, Sha’ul (who himself volunteers all his services) stressed, “Those who are unable to make a donation for classes or services will never be turned away.  All are encouraged to give as they are able.”