Special Blessings Services

House Blessings 

This ceremony creates a harmonious environment through making specific offerings to the Higher Guests as well as pacifying, through additional offerings, local entities, land guardians, and other inhabitants of the location. This then leads to the removal of obstacles, improved environmental health, and generates positive karma for those whom requested the ceremony. $75

Prosperity Blessings

This is a special ceremony that focuses on removing wealth-hindrances and creating the positive conditions for generating spiritual, personal and monetary wealth through giving rise to generosity. With a continuous focus on personal generosity, the blessings are long lasting. One may actually attend this ceremony or, if attendance is not possible, one may act as a sponsor. Brief instructions will be given to those in attendance or emailed to sponsors for the daily practice of generosity. Sponsors must submit their full name (birthdate is helpful but not required). $75

Ganacakra Tsog Sponsor 

The "tsog" (pronounced 'soak') is a very special "meal" or "feast" that is ritualistically held during a specific ceremony. It is a common practice for people to "sponsor" a tsog as a means to generate positive merit & virtue for oneself or a loved one. A person may make a dana (donation) on behalf of himself or herself or another person. The donation is used specifically to purchase or help purchase food/offering substances that are used during the ceremony. All those that sponsor a tsog, are named individually and are considered to be equal to an active participant – even if they are not physically present, and thus receive the same blessings/merit/virtue as such. Often these ceremonies are not open to the general public, as they require specific empowerments and transmissions in order to participate. Thus the sponsorship is a wonderful way to access the blessings that arise from these events. $30

Special Healing Practices 

For those loved ones or even for one’s self, a special healing puja/practice is performed in order to purify karma, remove obstacles that hinder healing, prolong life and lessen suffering. There are a few various practices that would be performed on behalf of the benefactor (Tara, Medicine Buddha, or a Chö ritual depending on the nature of the issue). $50


Simple Buddhist wedding ceremony - $150

Bardo Chö Ceremonies for the Deceased

(After-death guidance ritual)
This very rare practice comes from the tradition of MaChik Labdrön and is performed repeatedly during the 49-day period after one passes. It is an extremely powerful and most important ceremony that compassionately guides the deceased toward liberation while they are in the Bardo. There are only a very few people in the West that hold this practice, of which Lama Chökyi Lodü is one by direct transmission. Sponsors will need to also provide additional items for the ceremonies (this is arranged before the first ceremony begins). $300

The Spiritual Director and Senior Buddhist Priest at the BLDC, (Lama) Ngakpa Chökyi Lodü, personally performs these services offered and the proceeds help support him directly.  The prices listed above are for the services only and do not include transportation costs for (Lama) Ngakpa Chökyi.  For more information, email chokyi.lodu@zoho.com.