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Q:  I am a college/high school student working on a project/religious studies class/world religions class and I would like to visit you, can I do this?
A:  Yes!  Anyone is free to visit our Sunday service from 10am-1130am.  We welcome students and can usually take questions after service, no need to notify us in advance.
Q:  I've never been to a Buddhist service before, what on earth should I wear and how should I act?
A:  Wear whatever you like!  Just please make sure that what you wear will not distract others from the service.  We also ask that people take off their shoes when they enter, and maintain a respectful atmosphere inside the temple.  Other attendees will show you what to do during the service.  There is also a posting near the front door about temple etiquette.
Q:  I am interested in becoming a Buddhist, what should I do if I am going to make this life-changing decision? 
A:  That's great!  We are glad that you are drawn to the teachings of the Buddha, and hope to help you develop an understanding of them.  If you think Blue Lotus Dharma Center is the place for you, come to a few of our services and consider becoming a member.  We do offer Refuge ceremonies about once a year for those who are very serious about becoming Buddhist.  This is an important decision, however, and should be made after the proper amount of time and consideration! 
Q:  May I bring my baby/small child with me to the Sunday service, even if I know that they will make a lot of noise and have trouble sitting still?
A:  Of course!  We welcome families and small children.  While we do ask for people to maintain a respectful attitude, this does not mean we need to be stoic.  If people are getting up to come and go, moving around, or making noise, this should not distract the resolute meditator whose mind is unmovable!

If after reading the above FAQ, you still have unanswered questions,
 email us: bluelotusdharmacenter@gmail.com.
*Note: If you wish to contact our Spiritual Director and Priest,
please put "For Lama Chokyi Lodu" in the subject line and
he will be forwarded all the information as necessary.
Please only try to contact our priest for spiritual counseling or personal business.
All other emails regarding general information will be handled by the
local board of directors.
Best way to reach us is via email!

Blue Lotus Dharma Center
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