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The Blue Lotus Dharma Center (BLDC) is the world headquarters of the Center for American Buddhist Practice. The BLDC approaches the Teachings of the Buddha in a two-fold way: First is to present the teachings in a very pragmatic way specifically for the American community without abandoning traditional Buddhist ceremonies; Secondly we offer traditional ceremonies that are free from any one specific culture and still strongly promote the true essence, proper conduct and requirements of those ceremonies.

The BLDC supports all reasonable Buddhist traditions and offers an environment where practitioners from any tradition/lineage can come and practice. This is not meant to be a replacement for those that are members of specific lineages or orders, but rather a “home away from home” for those that may not have a center or temple near by. For others, due to the approach to the Buddhadharma that the BLDC offers, this is home. Either way, everyone is welcome.

One of the ways the BLDC looks to support all Buddhist traditions and the community of practitioners as a whole is by seeking to invite as many qualified teachers from the various schools and traditions to come and give teachings, empowerments or talks. The intent is to not only provide insight and education but to also promote a sense of unity between the various traditions, developing insight, knowledge, and deeper awareness within a safe and open-minded community.

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