Fundraiser for New Technology at the Dharma Center
Please Consider Helping

The BLDC is hosting a fundraiser to upgrade our center’s technology and we are asking for your donation to help us make this a reality.
We are very fortunate that Lama Chokyi Lodu (BLDC Spiritual Director) is committed to guiding our learning and spiritual growth by supporting our services, leading Sunday Dharma Talks and even facilitating classes remotely. Our current technology setup is very limiting, it is difficult for us to see and hear Lama on our small iPad and it is difficult for Lama to see and hear us. We have a plan that will help both sangha members and Lama see, hear and communicate with more ease and comfort. We are aiming to raise $800 total, the breakdown of this amount is listed below:
1) A Mac Mini ($500)
2) A 30 inch TV ($150)
3) Wide screen video/mic ($80)
4) HDMI cord and mouse/keyboard ($20)
If everyone donates just $50, we can reach our goal with just 16 donations. If you are able to donate one of the above items, this would also be very helpful!

Please consider making a donation today in any amount that you can afford. You can donate by check, cash or credit:
Donating by Check - please make checks out to Blue Lotus Dharma Center and mail to
Blue Lotus Dharma Center
3463 Itaska St #1f
St. Louis, MO 63111
Donating by Cash - make cash donations at the BLDC dana box and indicate “donation for new technology” on the envelope

Thank you for your consideration and support!

We are also supporting the Buddhist Council of Greater St. Louis WALK TO FEED THE HUNGRY,  find out more info here!